Feedback from markers tour


On Saturday we ran another very successful Markers Tour of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Led by Maggie and Jane, the group got to see the hospital from two entirely different perspectives, with a few add ins from Alison.

We asked people who went on the talk to give us a little feedback. Here is what they said….

I attended the tour yesterday, and a big thank you to our wonderful guides, especially Maggie – who conveyed the importance of the hospital to those who have been part of its history. More of a treasure hunt- we came across these magical markers of personal history and experience: a surprise around every corner.

The juxtaposition with the ‘official’ art on the walls of the corridor (which is itself an impressive collection) emphasised the intensely personal nature of the plaques. Such an important place for so many at their most vulnerable: at last some markers of their passing through. Congratulations to all involved’.


Many thanks for organising the tour round the Royal Ed on Sat 25th Jan 2014.It was extremely interesting and Very well presented with All 3 guides filling in where required.

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